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New Bioplastic Uses Fish Waste and Algae to Replace Single Use Plastic Packaging


Lucy Hughes from the University of Sussex took home the International Prize of the James Dyson Award for her invention called MarinaTex.

MarinaTex is made from the ever-growing amount of waste fish and is meant to be used instead of plastic film in an endless amount of products. It is both translucent and stronger than low density polyethylene plastic(LDPE) at the same thickness, making it the ideal alternative to any packaging that uses windows. Think bakery bags, sandwich bags, snack bags, etc. MarinaTex can also fully biodegrade in home food recycling bins and can also compost without leaching toxic chemicals into the environment, which just adds to its incredible potential.

Lucy’s MarinaTex bioplastic can degrade back into the soil within a mere six weeks! Lucy’s ambition is to create a plastic alternative that is genuinely part of the circular environment. We are excited to watch her continue her mission as she changes the world for the better!

Here are some images of MarinaTex in action:



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