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Our Mission

Plastimistic's mission is to make our planet a healthier place for all living creatures inhabiting it. We do this by informing consumers of simple changes they can make to their daily habits and purchase decisions that will directly benefit our environment. No one person can do it alone, but collectively, consumers can cause, inspire, and demand change in how humanity treats our home.

Why We're Here


Our editorial team strives to keep our readers informed of the latest statistics about plastic pollution and other threats to our planet as well as stays on the beat of what people and businesses around the world are both doing to help or hurt the efforts to save the Earth.


Our product research team aims to find the best eco-friendly, zero-waste, and plastic-free products that our readers can consider each day as they make their voices heard by "voting with their dollars and decisions."


Our team prides itself on keeping Plastimistic both a place for consumers to learn and be inspired, but also a place where they can feel empowered to communicate their knowledge, ideas, and opinions to us and the rest of our community.

We're Plastimistic

We know that the plastic pollution crisis can't and won't be solved easily or quickly. Acknowledging as a species that we have caused this problem is step one to solving it. The vast majority of people on this planet are not scientists or inventors, and our hope is that this website empowers those people to have ways of solving the crisis that don't involve getting into a lab or having a PhD in Bioengineering.

"We want everyone who comes to our website to leave feeling optimistic about the future of our planet and empowered to do something to help."

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